Food industry

Chemicals for waste water treatment

ECO-Floc 05

based on PAC with different basicities; this liquid product has a very low carbonate consumption, i.e. the pH value is influenced less negatively than with comparable products. The aluminium content is 10%.

ECO-Floc 06

liquid flocculant completely made of renewable, vegetable raw materials; very good biodegradability; low molar with a high cationic charge density; low influence on the pH value; for the food industry

ECO-Emu 01

cationic, liquid emulsion splitting agent from plant-deriving, renewable raw materials

ECO-Emu 02

cationic, liquid emulsion splitting agent from renewable raw materials

ECO Acids

Hydrochloric acid 10 - 25%; Phosphoric acid 10 - 50%; Sulfuric acid 10 - 50%; Citric acid 10 - 50%

ECO Alkalis

Sodium hydroxide solution: 10 - 45%; Potassium hydroxide solution: 10 - 45%