Paper industry

The large quantities of production waste water are characterised by a high organic load (lignin, cellulose). Flocculation and flotation processes are necessary both for waste water treatment for discharge and for internal recycling.


Anionic or cationic flocculants from renewable raw materials with different molar masses for various applications, e.g. slurry thickening, reduction of COD in waste water.


Mineral flocculants for very good sludge dewatering e.g. for electroplating shops, paint manufacturers.


Anionic and cationic polyacrylamides of various molecular weights and charge strengths. Due to the long molecular chains they have a cross-linking effect and thus larger flocks can develop.


High molar, long-chain polymers from renewable, natural raw materials. Same function as PAAs, but with a much better biological degradation rate.


Defoamer based on silicone oil. Highly effective over a wide pH range. For the food sector or PET recycling, a product series is available that can be used for LFGB-compliant (formerly LMBG) processes.

ECO Acids

Hydrochloric acid 10 - 25%; Phosphoric acid 10 - 50%; Sulfuric acid 10 - 50%; Citric acid 10 - 50%

ECO Alkalis

Sodium hydroxide solution: 10 - 45%; Potassium hydroxide solution: 10 - 45%