Swimming Baths/Thermal Baths

High-purity special flocculants for thermal baths and swimming pools

ECO-Spa liquid

Liquid PAC solutions from selected, high-purity raw materials according to DIN 19643 and DIN 15031. The basicity can be adjusted to the requirements (carbonate content of the water).  Our products are characterized by high efficiency, fast flocculation and good dosability. 

pH plus regulator

For maintaining the optimum pH range for bathers and flocculants.  The pH plus regulator raises the pH value. Our PAC products should be used in the pH range of 6.5 - 7.2. Liquid and granulated.

pH minus regulator

Reduces the pH level to the required value. At a rather low pH value, the balance of hypochlorous acid (responsible for the disinfectant effect) and the hypochlorite anion is far on the side of the acid and thus ensures a higher effectiveness.  Liquid and granulated.